Serbian School

Despot Stefan Visoki School (Despotovac, Serbia)

Primary school “Despot Stefan Visoki” is situated in Despotovac Municipality. It has the name of the famous Serbian ruler, the son of King Lazarus, Stefan the Great.

The school was founded in 1876 and since then it has had its present name. The school is attended by 540 pupils, out of which 200 pupils from 1-4 grade (7-10 year old students) of low primary school in Despotovac, 45 pupils from 1-4 grade in regional departments in 7 surrounding villages and 251 pupils from 5-8 grade (11-15 years old students) in a high primary school. Classes from grade 1-4 are taught by 21 teachers and from grade 5-8 by 36 teachers. On September 13th 1997, a new, modern school building with 29 classrooms and offices was opened. In addition to the primary school there are also 7 village departments in the villages: Miliva, Bukovac, Lomnica, Lipovica, Beljajka, Vitance and Trucevac. The sports field and school yard are also included in the school.

Following contemporary trends and changes in education, all our teachers continuously work on their professional and personal development, visiting and organizing numerous seminars, trainings, presentations, participating in the preparation of various projects in the country, with the aim of providing high quality and more creative services to those for whom this institution exists, and these are our students. For the same reason, the school is equipped with modern teaching and support tools, both in phono-lab and in laboratories for: biology, geography, chemistry, physics, IT. There is a multimedia classroom, a festive hall, a media library, and 29 modern classrooms. We have TV sets in all classrooms. The school yard is arranged, both in park and in the courts for: handball, basketball, volleyball and traffic polygon. Our teachers are all with a University degree, very serious ones, very skillful and ready to help their students to realize their dreams, be the real people, careful, helpful, responsible, tolerant and friendly to nature, to their peers, parents, teachers, old people and other people.

We have implemented the School Without Violence, Vocational Orientation and the CLIL project into the curriculum. We have organised many humanitarian actions, Easter and New Year Fetes, May sports games, fancy dress balls, dance parties, Karaoke events, performances for Children’s Week, Healthy Food Day, European Day of Languages, Labour Day, St.Sava-school slava and eTwinning Day. We are proud that the pupils, parents and all the school staff participate in all these events.

We participated in a lot of eTwinning projects that got National and European Quality Labels. We got the eTwinning School Label two years ago and this year we will apply for a new one.

Foreign languages that can be learnt at school are: English, Russian and French. An extended stay for students of the junior class was organized at the school, and today we have 2 big groups of lower primary students, 30 of them in each, and 2 teachers work with them.