Italian School

I.C. „De Amicis – Manzoni” (Massafra, Italy)

Istituto Comprensivo „De Amicis-Manzoni” is a comprehensive school located in the historic centre of Massafra, in the province of Taranto, in the Apulia region (southern Italy).

It is Massafra’s oldest school, as it has existed since 1935 (in the beginning there was only a primary school). Over the following decades it has grown and is now organised into three sections:

[1] A Kindergarten that accommodates children from 3 to 5 years old in two buildings called 'Pinocchio’ and 'Cappuccetto Rosso’.

[2] Primary School for pupils aged 6 to 10 in the „De Amicis” building.

[3] Middle School with students aged 11 to 13 in the „Manzoni” building.

In addition to the general curriculum classes, Middle School students can enrol in one of our two extended programmes: the „Extended time” class (with additional hours of Italian language and mathematics) or the „Music class” (with additional hours of music). In particular, students who choose the „Music class” learn to play various musical instruments such as violin, piano, flute, trumpet, clarinet, guitar and perform in the school orchestra. They take part in music competitions and local events under the guidance of their music teachers.