Polish School

Szkoła Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Armii Krajowej (Tychy, Poland)

The Home Army Primary School no. 14 with Bilingual Units in Tychy (in Polish: Szkoła Podstawowa nr 14 z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Armii Krajowej w Tychach) is located in Tychy, a town in Silesia, southern region of Poland.

We are a primary school with over 380 students aged 6 to 15 years. We put emphasis on learning by doing – that is why we organize many field trips with educational activities to make learning easier. For many years we have been organizing a variety of activities aimed at making our students aware of the value of regional and national traditions, patriotism, paying attention to respect for the environment, but also emphasizing the need for positive interpersonal relations. We see the need to remember the history of Poland and its national heroes, and at the same time every year we hold a Silesian Day to familiarize students with the region and its traditions. For many years our students have been involved in various activities that teach tolerance, and develop empathy and understanding of diversity, including participation in the Amnesty International Letter Writing Marathon and participation in charity actions for the benefit of the residents of the local nursing home. We also take part in numerous ecological activities. We want to make our students aware that the world around them hides many treasures, both tangible and intangible, e.g. traditions, patriotism, social values, mutual respect. Our tradition is priceless, but so are the surrounding nature, friendship, respect and tolerance. We see it as our mission to help our students to find these treasures, and to teach them how to preserve them for the next generations.

Our school has over sixty years of tradition and history. It is a special place where knowledge has been acquired by several generations of students, some of whom have returned in the role of a teacher. Since the 1960s we have tried to provide our students with excellent learning conditions, pleasant atmosphere and a sense of security. From September, 2017 our school also operates Bilingual Units which have extended English classes and additional subjects partially taught in English.

The building is located in a quiet area, surrounded by our beautiful garden. We pride ourselves on our individual approach to each student and student safety. The school is very well equipped, there is Internet access in the whole school, one stationary computer room, three science labs and projectors in each classroom. We also have two sets of laptops to be used as a ‘mobile computer room’ if needed.