Tychy, Poland

Tychy is a town in Silesia, an industrial region in the south of Poland. Although Silesia is heavily polluted, our town is like an oasis – surrounded by a beautiful old forest, with many parks and green areas, and with no heavy industry in the town itself.

Tychy (population: 125,781) is one of the largest towns in Silesia, located nearly in its center, where the main Polish communication routes – Warsaw-Cieszyn and Kraków-Wrocław – intersect. It’s additional advantage is the short distance from two major airports in Pyrzowice and Balice – just an hour’s drive.

Tychy is mainly green – parks, squares and historical forests of the Pszczyna dukes, famous for their extraordinary wealth of fauna and flora, make up over half of the city’s area. There are 172 m2 of green areas and 7.2 m2 of urban greenery per one inhabitant. The multitude of open-air areas, as well as the proximity of the Paprocany Lake and many ponds, provide ideal conditions for relaxing in harmony with nature. Numerous cycle paths, forest trails, outdoor gyms and children’s playgrounds contribute to active recreation.

Tychy is famous for one of the oldest breweries in Poland producing beer since the 17th century. Tyskie Browary Książęce invites not only for beer sampling, but also for visiting the walls of its historic complex.

The town also has a modern Water Park, Football Stadium and a Winter Stadium, which is home to the GKS Tychy Ice-Hockey Team (one of the best in Poland).