LTT in Kütahya

The first short-term exchange of pupils group was held in Kütahya between the dates 07th-12th November 2021 with participation of the Spanish, Polish, Slovakian and Serbian teachers and students physically. During the exchange activity, students participated to the planning activities which is according to the application form.

On the first day participants visited the school headmaster and after that they visited the school building. Students played ice breaking games with host school teachers.After the ice-breaking games host schools students presented their presentations about Kütahya city, Türkiye and climate change effects on the cultural heritage sites and areas.

After the school activities, the participants visited Evliya Celebi Museum and learned traditional Turkish Marbling Art called in Turkish „Ebru”.

Also students prepared recycling boxes with mixed teams.

Also participants students visited the historical areas and they saw the effects of the climate change on these areas.